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Apr 17 2020

KAYZO Lights Out Tour

Kayzo presents LIGHTS OUT Tour 4/17 at The Bluestone. Insane stage and production like you have never seen. Secret Guests, stacked line up filled with surprises. And KAYZO live with brand new music and his drum crew! Get your tickets!

KAYZO Artist Pre-Sale:
Wednesday, 02/05/20 (10am local) – Thursday, 02/06/20

On-Sale: Friday, 02/07/20 (10am local)


Over the past three years, Houston born and now Los Angeles resident, Hayden Capuozzo or KAYZO, has become one of the most sought after young producer/DJs in the business. The young prodigy has quickly grabbed attention of fans and fellow DJs with his versatile sound and catalogue of original productions, collaborations and remixes. With the establishment of his “Doghouse” brand, fans have turned to KAYZO to seek more than his music.

KAYZO has went from a graduate student of the production school, Icon Collective, to becoming a winner of Insomniac’s Discovery Project which gave him first chance to showcase himself live. Three years later, KAYZO can now be found traveling as an international DJ performing at festivals and headlining shows across the globe. KAYZO and his Doghouse stand for more than music but a mental determination with a motto that preaches ‘anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.’

KAYZO has no boundaries as continues to break barriers that are set up before him. He produces music, not defined as a genre but what he simply likes and enjoys creating. Much of his influence comes from the music he grew up on and the elements can be heard throughout the bodies of work. Outside of production, his mixing and versatile style across multiple genres has created a unique and one of a kind performance.

KAYZO and the Doghouse is growing fast and fierce, what he has accomplished in the past few years is only a testament of what is to come. The future is bright for KAYZO and the Doghouse and nobody knows that better them.

KAYZO Socials:



KAYZO Artist Pre-Sale:
Wednesday, 02/05/20 (10am local) – Thursday, 02/06/20

On-Sale: Friday, 02/07/20 (10am local)

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