May 01 2020

Sullivan King

My Best Friends Party and Disco Donnie presents :

4TH Annual Last Friday of School Year LeBOOM MASSIVE !

Featuring Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist/producer and solidified axe wielder…


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Sullivan King is shattering the mold of and disrupting the electronic world as he pioneers his metal-meets-EDM sonic adventure. Lifting the brash and rugged energy of bass music off the dance floors and the power of metal and hard rock from the stadiums, Sullivan King creates a musical mosh pit built entirely on rapid-paced, neck-snapping dubstep, his unrelenting riffs and a bold live show that pushes the boundaries of modern electronic music performance.

Launched in early 2014, the Sullivan King project is the artistic creation of Keaton Prescott, whose musical DNA is composed of one-half metal and one-half bass music. He initially discovered his love for music in his early teens after his mother encouraged him to pick up a hobby outside of his everyday humdrum. Like the sword of King Arthur, the guitar beckoned; with a fist in the air, he answered the call and never looked back. After discovering the music of Van Halen, via his father, Sully took a headfirst dive deep down the rabbit hole of guitar-based music. He soon discovered the progressive rock sounds of post-hardcore and emo/screamo from the aughts via his brother-at first coming across bands like From First to Last, Chiodos and Atreyu-and then explored the metalcore noise of acts like Escape the Fate, Bullet for My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold. Altogether, these artists opened the floodgates and laid the foundation for his developing obsession with heavy metal, care of genre icons Pantera, Metallica and the like.

His original tracks, remixes and reimagined renditions take the vitality of dance music and run it through the immortal rock machine. The result is an undeniably, forward-pushing sound that’s captivating all ages.



Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3 (TIERED presales)

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